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  • Do you only service Sonoma and Napa Counties?
    That is our main focus as that is where our business is based, but we are willing to travel outside of Sonoma or Napa counties. Travel fees will apply subject to distance.
  • Are you affiliated with any organizing product companies?
    No, we are not affiliated with any product companies or stores. When we shop for clients, we shop with the overall budget in mind. Quality and price are most important, as we aim to get the best quality products at the best price. Depending on the project, products may come from an array of stores or online. Any discounts we receive are passed along to our customers and we do not uncharge products.
  • Are there other fees?
    Additional fees apply for services such as small-scale furniture assembly, product shopping, furniture research/recommendation, or moving of large items. Each project is unique and if any additional fees apply, they will be discussed and estimated as part of the in-home consultation process.
  • What spaces do you organize?
    We organize any space within a home or business. At this time we are not organizing garages, but if that is the space you need transformed, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are willing to consider on a case by case basis.
  • How do I book your services?
    You can fill out the contact form on our website, email us
  • What are your rates?
    We charge $75 per hour, per organizer (larger jobs may require 2 or more people). During the consultation we will give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete the job.
  • How much do you charge for shopping for products?
    We charge a flat fee of $100 if we shop for products for you.
  • How much do you charge for a consultation?
    ​There is a $50 consultation fee that will be waived for clients that agree to book our services within 7 days of the consultation. Consultations outside of Sonoma or Napa County are subject to distance and will also be waived if services are booked within 7 days of the consultation.
  • Do you install shelves or build furniture?
    We do not install shelves, but we are willing to build furniture on a small scale. We can discuss during the consultation if there is a need.
  • Do you help with donating or reselling items?
    No, we do not, but we can make recommendations if needed.
  • Do I need to purchase my own organization products ahead of time?
    No, you do not. During the consultation we will discuss what products might be needed and discuss a budget. We then do the shopping for you and bill you back for whatever was used. You will only be billed for what we spend. There is no up charge and you will not be charged for any products not used. If you already have organization products, we can use them exclusively or incorporate them into your finished space. Some clients prefer we don't use any additional products.
  • How involved do I have to be in the process?
    That is up to you and will be discussed at the consultation. If you have items in the space that need to be tossed or donated, you will need to either do that on your own (we'll set a deadline together), or we can help you sort. Some clients prefer to edit on their own, others need help. Once the editing is complete, you can relax while we get to work sorting and organizing until you return for the reveal.
  • Do you haul away trash from the editing process?
    No, we do not haul items away. If there are edited items that need to be recycled, shredded or trashed, it is your responsibility to dispose of them properly. Examples include large boxes, sensitive papers, old electronics, clothing or hazardous materials.
  • Tell me more about decorating.
    Decorating services center around events or holidays. If you have the decorations, we are here to get them placed. From Christmas to Easter to baby showers, we're happy to discuss your needs.
  • Are you interior designers?
    No, we are not interior designers, but we do have a good eye during the organization process. We might rearrange furniture or hang pictures if the space needs to function better. Nothing will be done without consent.
  • What kind of packing and moving services do you offer?
    At this time we only offer unpacking services. We do not pack or move, but once you are in your new space, we can unpack and organize for you.
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