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Corporate Services

It doesn't matter what size or type of business you have, we're here to help with organizing and more. Do you want to decorate for the holidays, but don't have time? Are you moving your office and need to quickly get files in place without skipping a beat? Is your supply closet overflowing and frustrating employees? 


For corporate jobs, we provide the same types of services we offer our home clients:

organizing, unpacking, and decorating.

Good things take time and we work with each corporate client to create a timeline to achieve the best results.

For some clients, faster is better and for others, it's a process that needs to work strategically

around multiple schedules and timelines. Each job is unique.


Once we have have had our initial consultation, we can give you a better idea of overall timing and costs.


Office environments have changed dramatically, more closely resembling our homes in many ways. From kitchen spaces to game/play areas and even zones for pets, each of these unique spaces (as well as the more conventional supply closets) are organizing-worthy.

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We work on an hourly rate per job. Additional costs may include organizational products (no markup), installation services (shelving, building furniture, etc.), and a flat rate shopping fee (one per project). Additional fees/costs are discussed at the consultation.

There is a $50 consultation fee that will be waived for clients that agree to book our services within 7 days of the consultation.


Much like moving into a home, when moving an office or business, speed is of the essence. We understand and can help get you up and running quickly, so you can focus on your clients and services without worry. This is the perfect service for new businesses like restaurants and wine bars too. 

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From wineries to corporate offices to retail spaces, not everyone enjoys (or has time for) decorating during the busy holiday season. We're here to help, wether we use items you already have or help choose and round up new, fresh options for any season. We can also help with wrapping!

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Ready to get organized? Get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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